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Chess on TV

The potential for chess on television is quite an important topic, which makes it all the more disappointing that there hasn’t actually been any constructive discussion about it. Sometimes there are isolated articles, or rather not even articles but simply paragraphs touching on one question or other, while not commenting on what’s been said before. I’ll commit the same minor crime, but I’ve already thought up a justification. I don’t recall anything that’s recently been written on this topic and, in general, “a Chukchi man isn’t a reader, a Chukchi man’s a writer” [referring to a popular Russian joke], in the sense that this Chukchi man isn’t a journalist but a player.

What is to be done with the Candidates Matches?

Hi everybody! I don’t feel like keeping a blog due to what happened to me in the last three rounds of the Higher League but I must work off my name at the home page. Drawing calm in the Candidates Matches caused “broad debates in a smoke-filled room” about their future format. Let us talk about it.