Dortmund Round 3. For the second time in his life.


After a short time, the players in teh following game left the stage: 

Andreikin - Wang Hao


Draw ( ½ : ½ )

I will not criticise the players for such an early draw, as the never-ending round of tournaments nowadays does not allow them always to play at full strength. Wang has only just finished the Peking GP, whilst Dmitry has had a less prestigious, but still hard test in Kazan, as well as wanting to avoid a second successive defeat. …

In a recent interview, Fabiano rather irritated, said he is far from the "nerd" that soem fans see him as being. And one must say that his words are supported by his actions - without trying to cling onto his new 2800 rating, he dived boldly into the unknown: 

Caruana - Adams


The position is so complicated thgat it is impossible to get to grips with, without the aid of a specialist. Vlad Tkachiev recalls that in a game involving Kramnik, 14.f5 was played, and after some grandiose preparation by the ex-world champion (at one point, Black was a rook down in the endgame!), the game ended in a draw. Later, more accurate moves were found, such as 14. Крg2 (Volokitin), and the whole variation with 9.h3 was popularised by Emil Sutovsky. Armed with all this information, we can bravely declare that  14.Kf2  is a novelty! 14…b6 15. f5 Kb7 16. Nc3 hxg4 17. hxg4 Rh2+ 18. Kg3 Rxc2 19. Nh7 c5 20. Nxf8 Bc6 It is interesting that the omniscient Vlad pointed out that this is only the second time in his life that Adams is playing the Berlin, whilst his opponent has not always been entirely confident in this opening. 


The position is extremely complicated, despite the absence of queens, and even Houdini is unsure of the verdict and changes its mind about moves. It is easy to go wrong! 21. f6? – As happens... 21…Rg2+ 22. Kf4 gxf6 23. exf6 Rf2+ 24. Ke3 Rxf6 25. Nh7 Rf3+ 26. Kd2 Rd8+ 27. Kc2


27…Rxc3+ – Not terribly complicated, but quite unusual. 28. bxc3 Ba4+ 29. Kb2 Rxd1 30. Bg5 Nc6 31. Rxd1 Bxd1 32. Bf4 Bxg4 33. Nf6 Bf3 34. Ne8 Na5 35. Nxc7 Bc6 36. Kc2 Kc8 37. Kd3 Kd7 38. Kc2 Nc4 39. Na6 Bb7 40. Nb8+ Kc8 41. Kd3 b5 White resigns (0-1). A striking game! Mickey is having a great summer, gaining rating points and close to the top ten again on the live rating list. 

The "home" game Fridman-Naiditsch did not last long. Daniel needs time to recover from his "Chinese experience" in round 2, and found an understanding from hisopponent. 

Fridman - Naiditsch


After 23.Rxa7

Draw ( ½ : ½ )

Nothing exciting happened to the 10-time Dortmund winner. As befits a product of the Soviet school, Igor Khenkin was accurate and precise: 

Kramnik - Khenkin


20…Bxb5 21. axb5 Bxd6 22. Rxd6 Re7 23. g3 Rb4 24. Rxa7 Rxb5 25. Ra4 f5 26. Rd2 Kxg7 27. Rc4 e5 28. b4 e4 29. Rd6 f4 30. gxf4 Rf5 31. Rcd4 Rxf4 32. Rd7 Rff7 33. Rxe7 Rxe7 34. Kf1 e3 35. f3 e2+ 36. Ke1 Re3 37. Rd7+ Kg6 38. Rxb7 Rxf3 39. Rb6+ Kg5 40. Rb5+ Kg4 41. Rb7 Rh3 42. Rg7+ Kf5 43. b5 Rxh2 44. b6 Rh1+ 45. Kxe2 Rb1 46. Rb7 Ke5 47. Rxh7 Rxb6 ½-½

The script for the next game is not that easy to calculate, but the result was as expected.   Georg is still very happy with his performance and, of course, will strive to keep the honorable "plus score" (he would probably not be upset with 50%, and even -1 would not be bad). Peter, true to his credo, does not seek to complicate as Black, if his opponent does not show ambitious intentions. The result? What do you think? 

Meier - Leko


30. g3 Qc6 31. Qd2 Ne5 32. Nxe5+ Bxe5 33. Bf4 Bf6 34. Bg5 Qd5 35. Qf4 Bxg5 36. Qxg5 Qxa2 37. Qh5+ Kg7 38. Qg5+ Kf7 39. Qh5+ Kg7 40. Qg5+ Draw(½-½).


Text:Sergey Kim

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