After the third round, there are three leaders, but there could easily have been four…

The first result was between Anand and Caruana. In the post-mortem, the joint leader thought his opponent had good attacking chances, whilst his young opponent listened with interest. But the English-language commentator (Evgeny Mironischenko) was a tad bored at the end of the press conference. 

Anand - Caruana

The Indian was shaken from his feeling of comfort over the isolated pawn on d6 by the sharp move 20…h7-h5!? The intimidation was successful, and although the follow-up (g7-g5) did not come, Anand preferred to end the game. Draw (½ : ½)

The move h7-h5 was also used in the next game. Sergey is playing with appetite and peace was concluded after a short tactical operation. .

Giri - Karjakin

After Black's 18th move

Anish in his turn convincingly demonstrated that his image as a dry technician, who lacks romantic leanings, was just a temporary mask. 

26. Nc5 – «A continuation I could not resist» 26…bxc5 27.dxc5 Rf8 28.Qh6 Kg8 29.Qg6 Kh8 30.Qh6 Kg8 Draw (½ : ½)

The unenviable last place, after a bad blunder, belongs to the Bulgarian champion...

Topalov - Aronian


Taking on d5 seemed too simple and Veselin therefore chose 17.Rd1, but, alas, he had overlooked the simple blow  17…Nxe4  and it turns out that after 18.Bxe4  there follows the zwischenzug 18…Qf6, attacking the rook. This was more than he could stand, but perhaps he should have accepted his fate. A pawn down, the ex-world champion defended ingeniously and desperately, but could only prolong the game to move 50. The final phase was conducted impeccably by the Armenian. 

47…Rg3 48.Qh5 Qd7! 49.Kh2 Rg2 50.Kh1 Qd5 and a distressed Veselin stopped the clocks (1:0)

The last game to finish was:

Nakamura - Svidler

26.Qh7?! – Hikaru puts his queen into what looks like a dangerous position for the enemy king, but there followed the cold-blooded 26…h6-h5! For me, this move immediately conjured up memories of the well-known game Hubner - Tal, (Biel Interzonal 1976) In just this way, the Riga Magician shattered his opponent's dreams and scored an important point. 27.Ne3 Ne5! – «the white attack grinds to a halt» (M Tal). Here, the American ninja's face dropped, as he faced the real prospect of losing a large amount of material. To Hikaru's credit, he mobilised all his strength and did not miss his last chance.  

The live commentator Sergey Shipov, looking for a way to strengthen the position, suggested transferring the rook to the 4th rank, where it would more effectively prevent the American setting up defensive barricades. But after Peter's choice 44…Kf6  there followed 45.g3-g4! with exchanges and a draw. Nakamura played the rest with the accuracy of a Swiss watch.  Draw (½ : ½). The St Petersburg GM struggled to hide his disappointment at not having joined the leaders. Sergey Shipov, with some irony, and probably a little relief, commented  «… today once again less than six hours».

Photos: Evgeny Pogonina\World Chess

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