Moscow Championships - philosophy and optimism.

«There hasn't been a championship like this for a long time - out of 16 players, 8 GMs, headed by the world champion!» – This is not some fantasy but the recollection of a half-forgotten event, the Moscow Championship of 1968. To remind you, the players included: Petrosian, Bronstein, Gulko, Simagin, Averbakh, Suetin, Liberzon... This is what I dug out of an old publication (Shakhmatnaya Rossiya 1968, № 14). Since then, many more GMs have come into existence, but the line-up of the city championship has not kept pace.  

The tournament could have had more big names, but it did not happen. The reason? Maybe the prizes, maybe other things . But man does not live by bread alone - in the women's championship, three amateurs have qualified, and the men's championship is a qualifier for the Higher League. Why wouldn't any player want to play? 

For Boris Savchemko, the walls of RGSU have become, if not home, then at least a harbinger of success. The tournament favourite played very well and consistently, winning by a clear margin (+6;=3) 

In the men's tournament, four grandmasters took part and occupied the places suggested by their ratings. Thus, Savchenko's victory was beyond doubt well before the end, but the same cannot be said of the fate of the silver and bronze medal, which in traditional style, were decided in the final round, in an all-GM clash:


Mikhail converted energetically: 30.Qe3 Rce8 31.Qd4 f6 32.b4 g6 33.Nxh6 Kg7 34.Ng4 g5 35.Rxe4 Black resigns (1:0)

As a result, Alexey Gavrilov finished fourth and his opponent shared 2nd-3rd places (but was 3rd on Bucholz). 

Like the champion, Evgeny Vorobiov went through undefeated, but won fewer games. 

Much can be said of the oldest competitor, Gennady Ageichenko. In particular, about his participation in that very 1968 championship, as well as much else...


Vladimir Kozlov started playing in the championship a little later, and he too has some memories...

If the men's event may be the cause of philosophical and melancholic thoughts, the women's (or, more accurately, girls') tournament was both a treat for the eyes (beauty saves the world!) and a cause for optimism. The great majority of the competitors were so young that that nobody will be surprised if some become stars in the near future. Everything is possible!

The name of the winner emphasises this. The most surprising things was not her victory itself, but the outward ease with which she achieved it. The gap of two points, over such a short distance, says a lot. 

Polina Shuvalova - 8,5 out of 9! Not bad for a 15-year old! What awaits her in the Higher League?

We should also mention the Moscow junior championships for under 20s. Arman Geivondyan won, silver went to David Paravyan and bronze to Semen Lomasov It is not hard to guess who won the main trophy in the women's event - The silver went to Alexandra Dimitrova and the bronze to Maria Milovanova. 

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Text: Sergey Kim