Pardon us for the lack of modesty, but we quote from our own recent interview: "14 year old Evgeny Bareev said @Look out for Shipov. We'll hear more of him. Just look at the moves he seals!" (he was speaking about sealed moves before adjourned games). We did hear more of him, but not immediately. Sometimes in the 1980s, but then the student at MGU was not yet completely ready to devote his life to chess. The future GM and our commentator dreamed of a science career and only appeared in tournaments from time to time. And thanks to the exceptional contribution by his trainer, Iosif Vatnikov. But that is the subject of a separate article..." .

But nothing more happened, the student became a graduate and was removed even further from chess. And it was not Zhenya, but the grown-up Evgeny Bareev who, with some regret in his voice said, "What a shame. He has given up  ... and what a talented player he was!" In the mouth of an experienced grandmaster this sounded like an epitaph for another career ost to Caissa. However, Sergei himself had no complex about this, he simply had no time, and regarded chess as a pastime only. And on his infrequent breaks from within the walls of MGU, he would lose to an opponent who five years before he ago could beat blindfold.

И все бы шло и шло, да тут… Ну, сами знаете, что рассказывать? Перестройка, ускорение, ГКЧП и развал. Всего и Вся. Апофегей. Молодой ученый, не без тревожного предчувствия следивший за всеми этими явлениями в иной, чуждой физической науке, сфере, в один прекрасный день обнаружил, что государству его изыскания не слишком нужны,  а материального вспомоществования именуемого зарплатой хватает не то, чтобы на поддержание семейного бюджета (Серега к этому времени стал женатым человеком), а как бы… да, и вообще можно это самое вспомоществование засунуть… э… дальше не буду. Об этом сам Сергей Юрьевич в одном из своих эфиров рассказал. Но я забегаю вперед.

And then sometime I picked up "Soviet Sport", and there was a report of a blitz tournament run by "Evening Moscow". And there: "Third place went to Sergey Shipov (he is a master of sports)." For the accuracy of the quote I cannot answer, but the meaning was the same. Not because of the good life, but just to earn money, the former scientist returned to chess. Luckily, as a rule, such "comebacks" do not end there. And this jealous lady Caissa remembered his betrayal, but now she took him back and rewarded him with successes in Opens, and then in the round robins, then more and more ... So what was it for? it was that for ?! In general, Fate was kid to him, which is fortunate not only for him, but for the chess world  in general.
Then he tried his hand at other areas, but this time wisely without departing from the strange, mysterious, virtual, intangible and yet so beloved black and white little world. And, imagine, things worked out there too!  The Great and Terrible one was very strict and picky in choosing his seconds and sparring partners, but he appreciated the ideas and originality, as well as the systematic approach and practical force, etc.  and generally what the conversation? If someone said that GM Sergey Shipov was in the not too distant past, in the modest rank of candidate master, and even in thought did not consider himself as a professional chess player, who would believe him?

Then various pupils came along, and what pupils! Nepomnyashchii, Dubov - Sergei Yurevich increasingly began to attract charges among the talented youth. So, was he to follow a coaching path? He did not directly refuse, but subconsciously wanted something else.
Words he has mastered to perfection. He is never lost for words, he expresses himself put it succinctly and clearly, when things go wrong he can explain in simple terms, even in the language of, as they say, profanity (forgive my frankness Sergei!). So, books, journalism? He wrote, including books, magazine articles, websites. They were great. But here again, there was a zigzag in life - the birth of a new and brilliant in its novelty idea - commentary and a live stream from major tournaments. The internet made the first, but quite decisive steps, and people decided: why not try it? Is chess worse than tennis? He also decided: Why not give it a try? When and who suggested that he try it as a commentator, I do not know. But whoever did suggest him was inspired!

The implications for the Russian-speaking chess fans were like thunder! The online reporting was at first met with some scepticism, and then hundreds of thousands of fans began to get involved. There is no sense in painting in detail what is so well-known to all.
For a couple of years before his jubilee, he has in conversation lamented that he has so little time left, almost 50 and so little achieved. Well, that is obviously just modesty. What he will do in the future, I do not know, but one big act, not all, but a significant portion of life, Sergey has already lived and thus, if he has not immortalized his name (there is nothing eternal?), then certainly in the history of chess he has made a place for himself. And that is quite a lot!
I do not want to wish anything, how can we know what Providence chooses?. No, Caissa! How many incarnations have been and how much more is to come. I wish only one thing ... put your finger in the air. He will hear enough standard wishes today.


We congratulate you and wish you all the very best.
Sergey Kim