Bundesliga Season 2015/16. See you in September!

The 2015/16 season in the German Bundesliga ends today with the 15th and final round, whereupon the teams say goodbye to each other until the autumn. 

The winner is 99% determined, and was (will be?) a team who spilled plenty of Soviet blood against Burevestnik in the old days, «SG Solingen». Interestingly, they have won the league without having any absolutely top stars in their line-up. The official top board Anish Giri has not played a single game, and the difficult job of leader was undertaken in his absence by Pentala Harikrishna. The Indian number 2's result (7,5 out of 9) speaks for itself, but he is unable to help the team in the last round for the most respectable of reasons (Stavanger!). The other players in the team, although not from the elite, have not spoilt the ship. 

Two who have drawn attention to themslves are boards 9 and 10, Predrag Nikolic and Artur Yusupov, who have shown that as a player gets older, class remains - 14 out of 18 between them! Towards the end, the leaders slowed a little, drawing with bottom half team Dresden, but they had enough points in reserve to retain first place with a one point gap before the final round. Today their opponents are the outsiders «SV Griesheim 1976». It seems Solingen will not miss their chance. 

Round 14 in action. Munich play Dortmund

The traditionally "unstoppable" Baden-Baden are in a for them unaccustomed second place and retain some theoretical chances of winning. They have scored many points (every player has a plus score!) but their only defeat in the match against Werder in the 11th round looks like being expensive. 

And for bronze, nobody can catch Bremen, who have too great a lead over fourth placed «SK Schwabisch Hall». Their best scorer has been a player whose name somehow reminds of one the title:

The results and performances of the top scorer.

And the top ten players by performance rating:

As often happens in team events, the most striking games were played by teams who had already lost their chances of a top place. Sporting considerations go out of the window and creativity becomes the guiding light. .

Maiwald,Jens-Uwe (2452) - Mista,Aleksander (2589)
SBL 15/16, USV TU Dresden - SF Berlin, 22.04.2016

28...d5! Black starts an attack, ignoring the attack on the Bc6. The aim is to open the h2-b8 diagonal! 29.Bxc6 Rdh8 30.Ng3

30...Nf3+! 31.gxf3 – He loses after 31.Kf1 Rh1+ 32.Nxh1 Rxh1+ 33.Ke2 Rxe1+ 34.Kd3 Ne5+ 35.Kc2 Nxc6-+ 31...Rh1+! and White resigned in view of the variation: 32.Nxh1 Qh2+ 33.Kf1 gxf3! 34.Ng3 Qh1+! 35.Nxh1 Rxh1# 0-1

On the right former GDR players Uwe Boensch (by the window) and Raj Tischbierek (both Dresden). 

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