"It’s very nice when the pieces get upset when you kill them"

The Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk celebrated its “day of the city” with a chess tournament that culminated in the finalists (both candidate masters) playing a game of living chess.

As Tatiana Gonchenko writes for gorod.dp.ua:

In order to make the next move the players had to take a living piece by the hand and lead it to the necessary square. The tournament ended quickly – one of the players, unaccustomed to the situation, got confused and made a fatal error which cost him the game.

“I barely looked at the board. I was mainly playing from memory,” said the tournament winner Maxim Kovalenko. “I’ve been playing chess since I was a child but this is the first time I’ve tried playing quite like this. It’s very nice when the pieces get upset when you kill them and are full of joy when your move is a success. And when your “team” applauds a win that’s an interesting sensation.”

Some photos from the event:

First there was a normal chess tournament on some ancient boards

The black pieces in formation

The white pieces demonstrate some unusual chess moves

The players may have struggled to concentrate

Practising captures?

More photos at gorod.dp.ua