Adams replaces Svidler in London

The men’s FIDE Grand Prix series has started with an emergency replacement – for family reasons Peter Svidler has dropped out of the London stage. The free spot will be taken by England’s Michael Adams, who isn’t among the line-up of Grand Prix participants.

The news about the forced withdrawal of the St. Petersburg grandmaster appeared on the tournament’s official website little more than 24 hours before the start of the series. It’s interesting that the renowned anglophile was himself a replacement in London – Karjakin is taking part in the Grand Slam Final so Peter swapped with him for the stage which will be held in Berlin in July next year.

No details have been given about Svidler’s withdrawal. Despite the fact that he’ll now have one less chance to boost his score Peter is planning on continuing to play in the Grand Prix, with the replacement by Adams a one-off. However… if Vugar Gashimov’s health doesn’t allow him to take part in the Grand Prix Svidler could still play his fourth tournament (for example, in Lisbon), while Adams might become the series’ 18th participant, though for the moment that's all just speculation.



According to the regulations Kamsky would replace Gashi if the latter withdrew.
Noone knows how FIDE will interprete these regulations, but normally they shouldn't be allowed to give Svidler one of Gashi's/Kamsky's tournaments.
Pulling out, be it for family reasons, is like breaking contract in the end (for this particular tournament at least).

Adams is just a last minute replacement for one tournament.