Carlsen to play match with Predojevic


The world's best player Magnus Carlsen continues relaxing and doing PR stuff. Radio Sarajevo has just announced that next summer, the Norwegian wll play a friendly match at rapid chess with the Bosnian GM, Borky Predojevic.  


The organiser of the match is the head of Nansen Dialogue Network - Steinar Brin, a person well knowna nd very popular in Norway. A journalist, professor, member of parliament, and 2009 Nobel Prize nominee. 

Why Predojevic? The reason is that they have been friends with Brin, since back in 2001, when they shared first place in the European under-14 Championships. Ever since, Steinar has several times sponsored events involving the young Norwegian and the Bosnian grandmaster. Borki and Magnus have already played at Brin's instigation,. several times. In the first encounter, Predojevic won  1,5:0,5, but the next time, Magnus took his revenge. However, that was in 2006...

According to preliminary information, the match will take place on 28 and 29 June in Lillehammer, immediately after the Norwegian Championship. They will play four games, although the organisers have not said what will happen in the event of a draw. 


(Text by Evgent Atarov)