60-second interview series: Victoria Korol: "Our city needs such a tournament".

Text: Eldar Mukhametov

Photos: Eldar Mukhametov


The charitable fund "Our Heritage" has already been partners with the Moscow Chess Federation at several strong tournaments. One cans ee its emblem in the halls of Moscow State University, where last weekend, the Rector Cup took place. We put a few questions to the President of the fund, Victoria Korol: 
Victoria, what are your impressions of the Rector Cup - are you satisfied with the results? 
– I think our city needs such a tournament. Rapid chess events have gained popularity in recent times. They are dem,ocratic and more within reach of the amateur. For example, to pl;ay in them, people who work full-time need only take one day of holiday. But at the same time, such events attract strong GMs, and professional players. 
We saw this as MGSU (Moscow State University). In one playing hall, we had champions of Europe, youngsters and veterans playing together. And this is wonderful. In general, the appearance in Moscow of yet another strong tournament is very nice. 
The rector of MGSU, Valery Telichenko put it superbly, when he said that, at this event, top GMs are sharing their invaluable experience with youngsters. This is one os the idaes of the Our Heritage fund - to keep all that is valuable, and has bene built up over many years, for the benefit of future generations. 
Did you follow the course of the tournament?
– To be honest, I only saw the final results table. The Muscovites had to concede first place to Dmitry Andrikin. But, after all, he is champion of Russia and this is a great achievement. 
I was pleased tos ee that the womens' event was won by Anna Kashlinskaya - she plays fopr the team SSM - Our Heritage, which is also supported by our fund. This young player has a great future. 
I would also like to express my great graitude to the chief arbiter of the event, the patriarch of our home chess, Yuri Lvovich Averbakh, for his work in prseenting chess as a cultural phenomenon. I think his involvement drew many people into participating in this event. 
What you would like to see at the next Rector Cup - Our Heritage? 
– At the closing ceremony, Valery Telichenko announced that the university is prepared to run this tournament annually. In MGSU, there are all the conditions necessary for running such events. We would like tos ee the tournament become more of a mass event, so that all chessplayers in Moscow, without exception, will know about it, and that it will give people knew knowledge, impressions and emotions. 
Many thanks for the conversation.