Carlsen is king of Gran Fiesta


In the Mexican capital, the festival Gran Fiesta UNAM had taken place, the main event of which featured Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar, Lazaro Bruzon and the best local player Manuel Leon Hoyos. The world rating list leader won the event, after which he also won a consultation game against the world!  


The games between the top four were the tip of a gigantic chess iceberg, in the main part of which there were more than 1,000 players. it was impossible to count the number in the various open tournaments...

In the main one, the outstanding performance was by Bartolomej Maceija. The Pole scored 8.5/9, a whole point clear of second-placed Vladimir Dobrov of Russia, who scored 7.5. Four players ended on 7. 

One of the highliughts from all viewpoints was a show tournament with 18 girls, who had come from three continents (if it had not been for the world championship in Khanty Mansysk, the group would have bene more reprseentative): they first played in three groups, after which the best went through to a knockout. The title went to Olga Alexandrova. 

Then the main stars took the stage. Carlsen easily beat Bruzon, whilst Polgar did not take long to overcome Hoyos' resistance.  The public liked the blindfold games most of all, of course, - the players sat in armchairs, they eyes covered over, and then called out their moves, which were relayed via giant screens. The superiority of Carlsen and Polgar here was obvious, and both won at this form. 

The games between Carlsen and Polgar were quintessential UNAM. In the first Judit had Black, and played her favourite King's Indian, managing to trick her great opponent. But the Norwegian fought back. Judit played too passively, and exploited the "invitation": he won a pawn, and the white attack was too late. The winner had to be determined in a blindfold game... 

And here it turned out that magnus sees the board ratehr better with his eyes closed: in an ending, Judit blundered three pawns and then finally a knight! 

For the full picture, the Norwegian added two more victories to the win over Polgar. First he outplaye dthe Mexican chess fans, and then beat a team representing the whole world. The consultants lasted 44 moves.


(Text by Evgeny Atarov)