Illumzhinov appears in serial about Vanga


FIDE President Kirsan Illumzhinov, well-known for his friendship with Baba Vanga, appeared as himself in one of the episodes of the Russian serial "Vangelia". 


Illumzhinov loves to speak in conversations and interviews of how he has met the Bulgarian mystic many times, listened to her advice and follos her predictions. Not surprisingly, when director Sergey Boruchkov came to make a series on Russian TV, Illumzhinov was one of those who was asked to re-enact his meetings with Baba in front of the camera.  

Filming took place in Minsk. Illumzhinov described things briefly on Twitter. "Took part in an episode about our meeting in '96. An interesting experience". “Amazing: Vanga, has made new predictions. Now I will become an artist". The President also posed for various photos at the filming centre.  

In the serial, which will appear on Channel One at the begging of next year, as wella s Illumzhinov, viewers will see other famous followers of Vanga: Hitler, Mikhalkov, Tikhonov, Gagarin. 12 series will be made about tyhe life of the Bulgarian mystic.


(Text by Evgeny Atarov)