Azerbaijan to spend $15m on Olympiad and World Cup


In Baku, there has been a formal signing of the documents for the running of the 2016 Olympiad and 2015 World Cup. Kirsan Illumzhinov came to Baku for the ceremony. The honoured guest at the event was Azeri President Ilhat Aliev, who even played a game of chess...


The Azeris won the right to hold these two events at the FIDE Congress this autumn in Istanbul, although in a virtually unopposed contest. However, then the technical details were left to one side; now the future organisers of the World Cup and Olympiad have provided the necessary figures. 

They certainly make an impression! Thus, as the VP of the Azeri chess federation, Maira Mamedov revealed, totally spending on the two events will be €15,000,000. Three million will be spent on the World Cup and the rest on the Olympiad. 

Illumzhinov noted that the organisers and FIDE had managed to find a common voice on all questions, concerning the holding of top events in Azerbaijan. 

It must be said that in recent years, "the boys from Baku" have become the most powerful and active country in the international chess arena. They do not approach organising events in a formal way, instead seeking to make every single event an unforgettable spectacle.  The country's minister of youth and sport, Azad Ragimov, advised that the Olympiad will proceed at the highest possible level. In addition, they will exert every effort to ensure that Istanbul's record for the number of participating countries is brokem: "If Turkey managed to get 160 countries, than I am sure we will beat that!". 

It should be noted that all matters connected with the chess olympiad will be under the personal control of President Aliev. He took Illumzhinov on a trip round the building, in which the future battles will take place. As a mark of success, the two presidents played a few moves on the chessboard. 


(Text by Evgeny Atarov)


Source: WhyChess