A three-move draw and three winners - Round-up of the last round at the "Reykjavik Open 2013"


«It was the ideal scenario for the organisers" – wrote Peter Doggers in his preview of the alst round of the Reykjavik Open 2013. The two leaders meet one another in the final round, a direct confrontation, the winner takes first prize and the main trophy. The gladiators were Pavel Eljanov and Wesley So. They sat at the board, played three moves and then - shock hands. (Maybe they had decided that the Grunfeld is a forced draw?)  


The game ended so quickly that some players had not even entered the game room, for example, the second board Gawain Jones. Thus, his rival Anish Giri could watch this game «live», the site comments ironically. The top seed was disappointed that the players did not play "for at least a few moves." Pavel Eljanov said that he planned to "play", but when his opponent offered a draw, did not see a reason for the refusal. This meant that six players had a chance to catch up with the leaders. They all played against each other: Jones- Giri, Wei Yi-Cheparinov and Amin- Gajewski. Only one of them managed to win their game: Bassem Amin. In an interview, he said that he played a "crazy game" in the ninth round, where, however,he  found a good defense, so was in a good mood. On the question of whether he is a professional chess player, the Egyptian grandmaster said he received a medical education, and now his time will be divided between the hospital and the tournament hall. Eljanov, So, and Amin shared Euro 8250, which was distributed according to the Hort system (Eljanov had a better Buchholz, and therefore received a little more than his neighbors in the table). Wei Yi and Cheparinov played a striking draw, but "unfortunately, most of the moves were theory!" exclaims Doggers.

After his game, the Bulgarian GM said "I did not know he played this line. It is a draw everywhere". 

The local hero Hjorvar Gretarsson had a chance of his third and last GM norm, but needed to beat David Navara. He was not even close and was actually crushed. .

Gretarsson,Hjorvar Steinn (2509) – Navara,David (2710)

Black is already betetr and the next move loses at once. :17.Bxh5? Rxb2! 18.Qd1 18.Qxb2 Nd3+ 18…Qa5 19.Rc1 Nxe4 20.0–0 Nxc3 21.Qe1 Qxh5 22.Qxc3

22…Rxg2+! 23.Kxg2 Bxh3+

White resigns. After taking on f1, Black plays ... c6-c5 winning further material.

The reykjavik winners: Amin Bassem, Pavel Eljanov and Wesley So


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Текст: Питер Доггерс, сайт http://www.reykjavikopen.com/