Portrait of the chess mainstream

Once again, I invite visitors to our site to relax from the grim seriousness of super-tournaments and dip into the world of Cannes - not the film festival, but an ordinary open tournament, of the sort organised all year round. Let us dip our toe into the democratic world of the ordinary chessplayer, where one can meet, alongside professionals, ordinary amateurs and youngsters, who enjoy chess just as a relaxation. Some of the players in the photos you will recognise easily, others will be known only to their close friends and family. Best wishes from Cannes! 

Alexander Donchenko

Prasanna from, India

Martha Fierro is not a candidate for the women's world title, but that does not stop her enjoying PLAYING! 

Garbriel Battaglini 

For Eltaj Safarli,sporting aims and tasks come first, of course, 

Father and son come together...


Aksharaj Kore

Tuveni Marika

Anastasia Savina. From frozen Moscow to the Riviera

Vlad Tkachiev

Ruben Felgaer

Christopher Schild against Isabel Malassan 

Gari Giroian against Adelina Ramon

Vladimir Dobrov.  

Axel Romboldoni

Marco Codenotti

Christopher Debray

Photos: Irina Stepaniuk