Astana: Women's World Team Championship


The women's world team championship begins in Astana on 2 March. FIDE President Kirsan Illumzhinov met with the mayor of the Kazak capita, Imangali Nurgalievich Tasmagambetov. There were discussions regarding question of mutual cooperation, and in particular the building o a chess centre. The mayor has allocated land for this purpose and, togetehr with the FIDE President, has founded a construction group, which is examining all aspects of the plans. The meeting was also attended by the President of the Kazakh chess federation, the vice-premier, the industry minister and others. .

The Kazakh side are taking the initiative regarding holding the 2017 World Cup in Astana  and the 2018 Olympiad. In connection with the infrastructure developments for EXPO 2017, the Mayor expressed confidence that these tournaments will be run at the very highest level of organisation. 

Then Kirsan Illumzhinov and Aset Isekeshev visited theOlympic centre and congratulated Kazak Olympians, including athlete Olga Rypakova and Svetlana Podobedova. .

With Maya maneza

But time flies - must hurry to the opening of the world championship...

The playing hall is ready for players and arbiters

Awaiting the start of the press conference

The first player at the press conference was Anna Ushenina

Then the attention of the journalists turned to the Kazakh team

Ignateus Leong and Lakhdar Mazus - members of the appeals committee

The press conference started after a short delay

Many questions were asked but Kirsan Illumzhinov  and Anna Ushenina took on the job of answering most 

Before the start of the opening cerem,on, in response to many requests, Kirsan Illumzhinov posed with the ome team 


A friendly game with the young champion Hansa Abdumalik ended in the expected draw

After the Kazak and FIDE anthems the draw was held

The teams appeared on stage, where the captains each took one of the roses offered, in which the numbers were hidden. The French team drew six and will meet the Chinese (№ 5)

The Ukrainians drew no 1. Not the worst omen!

The Chinese girls are determined


К большому удовольствию присутствующих сертификаты "Женского международного гроссмейстера" были вручены под аплодисменты двум казахстанским шахматисткам - Динаре Садуакасовой и Гулисхан Нахбаевой

The organising committee has many duties. Evgeny Egorov (executive secretary of the Kazak Federation), Kiril Volkov, Alia Mukhazhanova (Executive Director of the Kazak Federation) 

The darw is over and the players and organisers are invited to the buffet. The Indian team head to the restaurant. 

The last moments of relaxation before the hard work starts. Sergey Shipov and Anna Sharevich will be commentating on the games. Konstantin Landa is present to work with the Kazak team. 

Round 1 on 2013/03/03 at 15:00

No. SNo. Team Res. Team SNo.
1 (1) UKRAINE - INDIA (10)
2 (2) ROMANIA - RUSSIA (9)
3 (3) KAZAKHSTAN - USA (8)
4 (4) TURKEY - GEORGIA (7)
5 (5) CHINA - FRANCE (6)


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