Astana Women's world Team Championship. Second Round: Russia and China on parity!


The results of round two brought many surprises. But first, in order:

2.1       10        INDIA            2.5-1.5 6          FRANCE

1          IM       Karavade Eesha Sanjay         2387    0.5-0.5 IM       Millet Sophie  2401

2          IM       Mohota Nisha                          2325    0.5-0.5 WGM  Maisurasze Nino         2330

3          WGM  Gomes Mary Ann                    2387    0.5-0.5 WGM  Safranska Anda          2328

4          WGM  Swaminathan Soumya             2283    1-0       WIM   Benmesbah Natacha   2266

The French battled hard but the Asians class told. The results reflected the relative strength of the sides. 

2.2       7          GEORGIA    1-3       5          CHINA

1          GM     Dzagnidze Nana         2554    0-1       WGM  Ju Wenjun       2505

2          IM       Khotenashvili Bela     2499    0-1       WGM  Huang Qian    2476

3          IM       JavaKhishvilli Lela      2464    0.5-0.5 WGM  Tan Zhongyi   2471

4          IM       Melia Salome             2419    0.5-0.5  WGM  Guo Qi            2435

The meeting of the bronze and gold medallists from the last world championship was exceptionally hard. Melia equalised quite quickly and made a draw. Afterwards, at the press conference, she assessed the situation quite optimistically, considering that he team should certainly not ,lose this important match, in any event. However, after the first time control, the leaders of the Chinese team, showing exceptional will to win, managed to turn around the course of the match and scored two precious victories. They had their share of luck, but that does not only happen in women's chess: 

Dzagnidze-Ju Wenjun

40.    Kxe5?? Bf6+ Black won (0:1)

2.3       8          USA    2.5-1.5 4          TURKEY

1          IM       Zatonskih Anna          2474    0.5-0.5 WGM  Yildiz Betul Cemre     2341

2          IM       Krush Irina                 2448    0.5-0.5 WGM  Ozturk Kubra              2252

3          WGM  Abrahamyan Tatev     2300    0.5-0.5 WCM  Cemhan Kardelen      2025

4          WIM   Ni Viktorija                    2263    1-0       WCM  Kaya Emel                 1995

The young Turkish team put up stiff resistance to the Americans. Only on board four did Minsk-born Viktorija Ni score their only win and lead her team forward. If anyone thought the Turks would be a free source of points, than after two rounds, it is quite clear that such idaes are totally wrong at the root. 

Kaya - Ni 

34. Rce5?? (34.Rxg5 Rxg5 35.Re7 и согласно, As Tartakower said, all rook endings are drawn! Computerkibitz: Houdini 2.0c x64  Depth: 38 with 307.873 kN in 39s; 35...Rf6+ White resigns (0:1)

2.4       9          RUSSIA         3-1       3          KAZAKHSTAN

1          IM       Gunina Valentina       2505    0-1       WGM  Nakhbayeva Guliskhan          2344

2          GM     Kosteniuk Alexandra   2495    1-0       WGM  Saduakassova Dinara          2353

3          WGM  Pogonina Natalija       2475    1-0       WIM   Davletbayeva Madina            2272

4          WGM  Girya Olga                  2440    1-0       WIM   Abdumalik Zansaya               2187

The win by the Kazakh board one was compensation for three defeats. But during the match, the mood of Russian captain Sergey Runlevsky was far from complacent. The match score could easily have been different, and only lack of experience cost the hosts. 13-year old Zhansaya Abdumalik was playing an adult event for the first time...Russia, in their turn, put out national champion Natalya Pogonina and rested Alisa Galliamova. 

2.5       1          UKRAINE    2-2       2          ROMANIA

1          GM     Lagno Kateryna         2547    0.5-0.5 IM       Foisor Cristina Adela            2401

2          IM       Muzychuk Mariya       2479    0.5-0.5 WGM  Bulmaga Irina                        2354

3          GM     Zhukova Natalia         2471    0.5-0.5 WGM  Cosma Elena Luminita           2336

4          IM       Yanovska-Gaponenko Inna   2421    0.5-0.5 WGM  Lami Alina                  2353

The only drawn match was interesting, as four draws is a rare thing in women's chess. The Rumanians came to the match ready to battle their higher-rated opponents. Afterwards in the restaurant, they were discussing the cours eof the match in lively fashion with their trainer, barely concealing their delight. The Ukrainians were rather disappointed, but they have seven more rounds ahead of them and individual meetings with their main rivals. 

Russia and China march in step and lead the race, with 4 match points and 6.5 game points. Third and fourth places are shared by Ukkraine (3 match points and 5 board points) and USA (3 and 4.5 respectively). 

Text: Serey Kim



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