1st World Chess Beauty Contest

Dear friends,

In the nearest future we’re going to resume the Chess Beauty Contest that we all loved so much. Moreover, by popular demand of the fair sex we consider the idea of a beauty contest among men chess-players:-)!
Of course, first of all, we consider ourselves obliged to sum up the results of the 1st World Chess Beauty Contest. In the short run we’ll publish the amount of prize money for winners, time and place of the award ceremony.
Beauty will save chess!

Top 10 WCBC rating (2008-03-01)

1 Caoili, Arianne AUS wm 2585
2 Berdychevaskaya, Natasha RUS wf 2583
3 Nebolsina, Vera RUS wm 2581
4 Basland, Jessica FRA - 2581
5 Seps, Monika SUI wf 2580
6 Kovalevskaya, Natalia BLR wf 2578
7 Pogonina, Natalija RUS wg 2575
8 Harsanyi, Kinga HUN - 2574
9 Kucherenko, Olena  UKR - 2568
10 Pokorna, Regina SVK wg 2568