King's Indian Defense Part 3

"Indian Defense. Closed-center variations. The White King in the center or at the Q-side ""



Petrosian's games on the video were just very insightful.The games were relatively unknown but so very instructive.The KOTOV-GLIGORIC game is a very famous one but still very much relevant to the theme.Gligoric's h5 was in a variation of the samisch if i aint misremebring.And quit smoking VLAD,we need you living many more years for such wonderful works!!!!

Pour ceux qui veulent progresser, c'est une super vidéo !

Bonne initiative, Vlad !


Ca donne envie de jouer l'est-indienne n'est ce pas Cécile? ;-)

Super boulot Vlad! Promis je vais arrêter la slave! :-)