Bundesliga 13th round. Two steps to the final.


The latest German league season is coming to a close. The 13th round has been played,a nd after a rest day, two more remain. However, for Baden Baden, the final rounds are merely a formality, Thirteen straight wins have put them out of reach. But the battle for silver and bronze is still raging. Three teams - Mülheim (21), SG Solingen (20), and SC Eppingen (18) have the best chances, although the first two still have to play each other. 

The life of a professional player does not even permit a brief pause, if you are under contract to "His Lordship". Peter Svidler therefore had to go on with work, with hardly a day to spare: :

Howell - Svidler

If the team's interests had required him to play for a win, then there is no doubt that peter would have ground on to the end of time, but with the match already won, he did not need to continue playing. Draw ( ½ : ½ ).

The black king suffered a rapid death in this game: 

Piorun, Kacper-Khenkin, Igor

19.Lf6! – Beginning the storm. 19…gxf6 20.Dg4+  Kh8 21.Dh4 Dd5 22.Dxf6+ Kg8 23.Te4 Tfd8 24.Tb5 Dxe4 25.Lxe4 Lxe4 26.Te5 Ld5 27.Dh6 f5 28.Te3 Tf8 29.Tg3+ Kf7 30.Tg7+ Ke8 31.Dxh7 Txc3 32.Dg6+ Kd8 33.h6 Sc6 34.h7 Sxd4 35.Df6+ Igor clearly did not expect such treatment from the young Polish master. Black resigns (1:0).

Today sees the highly interesting match Mülheim-SG Solingen, which should decide second place in the league. In principle, a draw should suit Mülheim.

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Text: Sergey Kim