Hockenheim. Bundesliga round 14. "The Silver Match"


No, not what you think. Anatoly Karpov was just the Honoured Guest

In the key match between Mülheim and SG Solingen (4½-3½) The only win was by IM Hausrath, Daniel (2484).

Hausrath, Daniel (2484)- GM Hoffmann, Michael (2474)

19…Se4 – Black sacrifices a pawn to weaken the enemy white squares. 19.Lxe4! – No prejudices! 19… dxe4 20.Td1 De8 21.Dxe4 Se7 22.Lc1 Sd5 23.De5 f5 24.Lb2 Df7 25.Sxf5 - The outcome of the game is settled, but in the interests of his team, Black fights on a little longer.

25…exf5 26.Dxd5 Le6 27.De5 Ta7 28.b4 Lb3 29.Tdc1 Te7 30.Dd6 Te6 31.Dd4 Txe2 32.Txf5 De7 33.Txf8+ Dxf8 Black resigns (1:0)

One round from the end, the second prize winner is also known. Mülheim outstripped SG Solingen by 3 points. Baden, meanwhile, decisiley crushed the hopes of SC Eppingen. 

The third prize winner in London showed convincingly that he is not here just to make up the numbers: : 

Svidler - Harakrishna

БWhite energetically exploited the Q+N combination: 54.d5 Ld3 55.De5+ Kg8 56.Se6 fxe6 57.Dxe6+ Kg7 58.Dd7+ Tf7 59.Dxc8 Lb5 60.Dc3+ Kh7 61.Dc2+ Kg8 62.Kh5   Le8 63.Kxh6 Td7  and White won (1:0)

Vlastimil Jansa. Togeher with his old colleague Hort, he wrote one of the best instructional books, "The Best Move"

An instructive bishop ending was played in the game:

Bacrot - Tiviakov

55.b5! – Breaking through at the strongest point. 55…axb5  56.Lxb5 Lf5 57.Lf1 Ld7 58.a6 bxa6 59.Lxa6 Le6 60.Lf1 Lc8 61.Lg2 – Where should the bishop go?

61…Ld7? – Not there! 61… Lb7 would hold, but now Black falls into zugzwang. 62.Lf3 Le8 63.Le4 Ld7 64.Lg2 Le8 65.Lh3 Lf7 66.Ld7 Ld5 67.Le8 Kg7 68. Kg5 Le4 69.f4 Kh7 70.Kf6 Kh6 71.Ke5 Lg2 72.Kd6 Black resigns (1:0).

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Text: Sergey Kim


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