Hockenheim. Bundesliga 15th round. See you after the holidays!


The arbiters ands colleagues prepare for the prize-giving

The last round was graced by the presence, in a playing capacity, of the 12th world champion, who came not as VIP Guest, but as leader of the local club. Anatoly Evgenievich was not in the mood to tilt at windmills, and his opponent had already packed his suit case for the Russian Team Championship. The ended in an absolutely symmetrical position. :

Karpov -Svidler

Baden scored their traditional win and did not spoil the overall picture of the tournament, winning with 30 points out of 30!

The fate of third place was settled in the matches SG Trier – SC Eppingen and SG Solingen – Katernberg. Eppingen won confidently (6:2), and now Solingen needed to draw their match. In the event of a tie on match points between the two sides, game points tie-break would favour Solingen. 

The 11th-placed and much lower-rated opponents from Katernberg gave the favourites a fierce fight. Solingen were shocked when Daniel Stellwagen went wrong: 

Stellwagen - Firman

18.f6 Lxf6 19.Ld2 Da6 20.Dxh5 c5 21.Lxf7 Lxe4 22.Sg3 Db7 23.b3 Lxc2 24.Lc4 Lg6 25.Dg4 e4 26.Lf4 Db4 – Black's attack is irresistible. White resigns (0:1). Gawain Jones saved the day:

Siebrecht - Jones

19.Kc2? – An incautious move, as the king proves to be in the line of fire      19…Sf5! – Bringing up the reserves and starting an attack on the king, in the endgame. 20.Lxg4 Sd4+ 21.Kb1 Lxc4      22.f4 Ld3+ 23.Ka2    exf4 24.Lxf4 a5 25.Lc7 Sc2 26.Lxd8 Sb4+ White resigns (0:1). Match drawn (4:4). Solingen take third place.

One of the oldest players in the event - Lothar Vogt, who became a GM back in 1975 in Havana!

Our readers will soon hear a more detailed account of teh final rounds from Konstantin Landa, one of the main players for second place winners «Mülheim»-а.

The final table

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Text: Sergey Kim