Loo. Russian team championship, round four. No compromise!


Despite the apparent pacifism (six draws!), the meeting of the leaders was a tough battle. Peter the Great, still on fire after London, attacked the position of his young opponent. The game was lively, not without its mistakes, but very interesting! 

Svidler (SPbSF) – Karjakin (Malakhit)

22…Rf8?! (22… fxe5) 23.Nf5 fxe5?! (23…g6) – Sergey is put off by his older opponent's youthful energy. 24.dxe5? – If one can believe our old friend Houdini, 24.Bxf4 would pose Black insoluble problems (+1.81) 24…Qe8 25.Ng5?! (25.Bxb6) 25…Nxg5 26.Bxf4 Ne6 27.Bg3 h5 28.Rxd5 hxg4 29.Ne3 Rf3 30.Rd3 Bxe3 31.Rexe3 Rxe3 32.Rxe3 Rd8 33.Re4 Qg6 34.Qc4 Kh8?! (34…Rd1+) 35.Rxg4 Qf5 36.Re4?! (36.Qe4) 36… Rd2 37.Re2?! (37.Re3) 37…Rd1+ 38.Kg2 Rd4? (38…Nd4) 39.Qc2 Qxc2 40.Rxc2 Rxa4 41. f4 Nxf4+ (42.Bxf4)  [½ - ½] The score 3:3 enabled both teams to maintain their leading position, but they are now joined by Ugra. In the only decisive game, the Ukrainian champion managed to trick the Vietnames in the ending :

А. Korobov (Ugra) – Le Quang Liem (SSM Nashe Nacledie)

49…Rg6?!(49…Nc6) 50.Nxe5?! (50.c6, +1.07) 50…Rxg5 51.Nxf7 Rg7 52.Nd6 Ng5 53.c6?! (53.Rb1) 53…Re7? (53…Ne6, +0.94 ±) 54.Ka3 Kc7 55.Kb4 Kxd6 56.c7 Rxc7 57.e5+ Kxe5 58. Rxc7 Nxh3 59.Kxa5 Ng5 60.Rc5+ Kf6 61.Bd3 (61…Nh3)  [1 - 0] Ugra won 3,5:2,5.

An advanced passed pawn decided the following game

А. Timofeev (Kazan) – I Bukavshin (Zhiguli)

30. e6 Qxb2? (30… h6, +0.50) 31.e7 Rg8?! (31…Rfe8) 32.Qxf5 Qb4 33.Qe5 a5? (33…Rac8) 34.Rab1 Qc4 35.Rf4 Qd3 36.Rbf1 Qa3 37.h3 Rae8 38.Rf7 a4 39.Rxg7 Rxg7 40.Rf7 Qc1+ 41.Kh2 Qc7 42.Rf8+ (42… Rxf8) [1 - 0] Kazan won 3,5:2,5.

We should not forget the ladies. The folloiwng fragment comes from the match Byelorechensk - SSM :

V Gunina (SSM) – I Gaponenko (Byelorechensk)

26.Ne4? (26.Nxd5) 26…fxe4 27.fxe4 Nc7 28.Rf1+ Kg8 29. g4 Rh3?! (29…Rh7) 30.Qxh3 Qxd4+ 31.Rf2 Rf8 32.Qg3?? (32.Qe3, -0.75) 32… Bxe4?? (32…Rxf2) 33.Rxe4 Qxe4 34.Rxf8+ Kxf8 35.Qd6+  (35…Kg8)  [1 - 0] Only the trainers are captained remained dissatisfied. Gunina's win allowed SSM to win the match  2,5:1,5.

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Text: Sergey Kim