"15-th Dubai Open 2013". 8th round. The Hospitable Emirates.


The 15th open champion of the Dubai chess club has almost 200 players from 34 countries. The solid prize fund (50 000 $) and the traditionally high level of organisation of the event have attracted 38 male GMs and 6 WGMs, together with more than 50 masters. Before the final round, the leading positions are as follows: :

In the eight round, only one of the leaders managed to win and thus took sole lead in the tournament table:.

 Lazmicka V. – Rakhmanov A.

49…Ra5 50.Ra2 Bd5 51.Ra1 Ra4 52.h3 Kf5 53.Bc5 Re4 54.Kd3 Bc4 55.Kc3 Ba6 56.Bd4? Rxd4 57.Kxd4 Белые сдались (0:1).

Ju Wenjun (China) is playing confidently. After a draw with Sergey Volkov the Chinese lady is a serious contender for a solid main prize.

Interesting complications were stirred up by the French player:

 Kuzubov – Roman Edouard

Can the pawn be taken? 11…Nxe4 12.Qe1 Nxf2 13.Qxf2 Nd3 14.Qe3 e4 15.Qxe4 Nxc1 16.Rxc1 Bxb2 17.Nc3 Bf5 18.Qe2 Bxa1 19.Rxa1 Qf6 20.Qd2 Rac8

21.Nd4 Bd7 22.Ne4 Qe5 23.Re1 Rce8 24.Nf3 Qg7 25.Nxd6 Rxe1 26.Qxe1 Qf6 27.Qe5 Kg7 28.Nxb7 – Yuri has repulsed all the musketeer's blows and realised his advantage (1:0).

Ivan Sokolov looked rather nervous, but this did not stop him winning

Only two defeats in a row in round 7 and 8, against Edouard and Ehlvest stopped Bela Khomenashvili fighting for more than the ladies prize, after a confident start  

Final round pairings:  

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Text: Sergey Kim