Borislav Ivanov - conman or genius?
A special interview with the chief arbiter of the Zadar Open 2012 
Nenad Doric
Author: Maria Grigorian
The scandal with the Bulgarian player at the Zadar Open 2012
Borislav Ivanov, 25, is a programmer by training. The audience were spellbound looking at him, but nothing made them suspect in the young man's hidden electronic signals during the game. 
However, some players suspected that their opponent was using a complex form of fraud - receiving electronic signals, which gave him the computer moves. The tournament was attended by 36 players, including 16 grandmasters, six International Masters, 10 FIDE masters, two candidate masters and one player without a title - Borislav Ivanov. On rating the Bulgarian ought to have represented a free point  for his opponents, but his victories came one after anotehr. He mated  Croatian grandmasters Bojan Kurajica, Robert Zelchic and Zdenko Kozul.
Nenad Doric: Borislav Ivanov scored 6 points out of 9 games, fulfilling the norm for the title of Grandmaster. He fought to the last for the first place, though he had the lowest rating. During the tournament, a group of players were suspicious that Ivanovwas using a computer. They wrote a petition and asked us to check the player. As the chief judge of the tournament in Zadar, I did everything to try to find out whether Mr. Ivanov has used illegal means, but none of the known methods of fraud was used: the player spoke to nobody,  he did not leave the playing area and had with him no electronic or mobile devices. His games were not broadcast live, even his personal belongings were left on the table by the judge. The Bulgarian used a pencil, which the organizers had given him in the last round. 
- Which program is he suspected of using?
- The petitions suggested Houdini 2.
- It was rumoured that you strip-searched him...
This is not true. Ivanov voluntarily took off his shirt, we looked in his pockets, took the penl, with which he wrote down the moves and it was all over. We apologized to Ivanov.
Borislav Ivanov was in a pretty dire situation in the penultimate round with Predoevic, but in the last round beat Grandmaster Ivan Šarić.
The players have stated that we need live broadcast of the game with Predoevichem, but the leading players have said that the Bulgarian player's moves are nothing special, and that it sometimes happens that a player with a low rating defeats grandmasters.
The Croatian GM Zlatko Klarić grandmaster, who was  in the tournament, said that he believed that Ivanov uses the most common chess tricks, and that he had been accused of cheating in tournaments in Bulgaria and Serbia. "He's just a chess programmer and this is best seen in the game with Jovanic when all 115 moves were the ones selected by the computer, and this is impossible for a human" - said the Croatian grandmaster. 
The discussion continues, but the editorial team at whychess hope for an interview with Borislav Ivanov soon.